Earlier this month we talked about annual goals and building sales from your current book.

Today I want to talk about life insurance in particular.  This is an area that causes a lot of stress for many agents.  Typically because it’s part of your annual requirements but not part of your regular activity.  There is always a rush toward the end of the year to make sure you’ve hit the required target.

Well here are two ways you can begin to market life insurance right NOW to existing clients without breaking the bank.

First, take a look at your current commercial clients.  Businesses typically have life insurance needs that they don’t even recognize!  You can step in and educate your  clients on where they may have gaps.

If a business is highly dependent on a few people, then they need to carry life insurance on those employees or owners.

I like up to warm up potential customers with a letter first and then make a phone call to follow up.  Send a letter to each commercial client asking to set up an appointment to review their needs while explaining the basics of key man life insurance.

These people are already your clients so they are expecting you to review their needs regularly and provide advice.

You can also quote an option to provide basic term coverage to all of their existing employees.  Contact a local CPA and find out the specifics on how they might be able to turn that employee benefit into a tax deduction to really get their attention.

Depending on your commercial book, this could take you a week or six months to actually follow up on.  Run a list now and break down a plan or meet with your commercial producers to get started.

Next you want to create a firm process to get ALL of your clients some life insurance, not just the businesses. 

One of the best ways to do this is with a simple birthday campaign. 

We all know that term rates go up with each birthday.  This means that clients can lock in a lower rate if they purchase before their next birthday arrives.  Who doesn’t love a cheaper price, right?

So your goal is to send a postcard to every client about 30 days before their next birthday letting them know about the savings.  You can make this even better if you run an actual quote and let them know what they would pay to start the policy.

Then, as always, follow up!  Make a phone call a few days after the card arrived to see if they have questions or would like to setup an appointment.  Remember, most people don’t know that much about life insurance.  They need a clear understanding of what it is and WHY they need it.  Make that part of your postcard and your follow up.

All good marketing benefits from deadlines.  When you buy a car, you HAVE to get insurance immediately.  When you are closing on a house, you need the coverage done by the closing date.  Life insurance doesn’t have these deadlines, so people put it off.  By telling people that they will get a cheaper price before their birthday, you put urgency in the decision and can close the prospect quickly.

Want more ideas for marketing life insurance all year long?  Check out the Life Insurance Promotion Kit!

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Robyn Sharp
Robyn Sharp

Robyn Sharp is an insurance marketing expert (and former agency owner). She specializes in Facebook content creation & marketing for P&C insurance agencies. Robyn has been a featured contributor to Exclusive Focus, PropertyCasualty360, IndependentAgent, and other insurance publications.

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    • DeEtta Watts

      I would like a free booklet giving me ideas on selling life

      • Robyn

        We don’t have a free program other than blog posts, but there is the Life Insurance Marketing Blueprint which has ideas for marketing life insurance at the end of the year. You can read about it here.

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