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Cancellation of Subscription Services

To cancel your recurring subscription to Silver or Platinum level Mega Posts (Insurance Marketing System), send an email to  Services are offered on a month-to-month basis.  Please request cancellation a minimum of 48 hours prior to billing to stop the credit card charge.



Since all products and services are delivered immediately as digital products, we do NOT offer refunds of any kind.  All sales are final. 


Landing Page 

All landing page designs expire after one year unless additional fees are paid for hosting.


Account Access & Authorization for Platinum Services & Ad Setups

Mega Agency Marketing, Inc. is authorized by the Client to assume the identity of the Client in all social media interactions on the internet including, but not limited to, status updates and Facebook ads.

The Client will demonstrate this authorization by listing Mega Agency Marketing, Inc. as an Ad Account Admin and Editor on their business Facebook page and advertising account.


Rights to Created Content

Mega Agency Marketing, Inc. will retain the right to use any and all content created by Mega Agency Marketing, Inc. for the Client for the purpose of providing samples of Mega Agency Marketing, Inc.’s work or instruction – including, but not limited to, presentations, lectures, webinars, and published material in any medium.


Liability Waiver

Establishing a social media presence and intimating a two-way flow of communication between the Client and the public can have unintended consequences on the Client’s reputation.  Should this occur, the Client waives its right to hold Mega Agency Marketing, Inc. responsible for any damage and/or liability that may arise from Mega Agency Marketing, Inc.’s actions or content on behalf of the Client.


Mega Agency Marketing, Inc. is in no way affiliated with Facebook and can not be held responsible for actions taken by Facebook including, but not limited to, approval or disapproval of ads, changes to advertising guidelines, account access or banning, and auction bid prices or changes.

Mega Agency Marketing, Inc. is in no way affiliated with any insurance company and can not be held responsible for adhering to guidelines companies enforce on their agents.  The individual agent is responsible for knowing and adhering to the rules of their representative company.