"Mega Agency Marketing helped me broaden my brand and increased my online presence.  I love how they weave fun and helpful everyday tips with informational content to help increase my business presence and help build relationships.  Thank you Mega Agency Marketing."

Linda Fullman
Allstate Agent

"We began using Mega Agency Marketing at the beginning of the year.  The service we have received as been excellent.  John strategically tailors our posts and highlights events and people in our area for the personal touch.  It's nice to know it's taken care of and the content is relevant and appropriate."

Cathy Cason
Office Manager, Blackwell Allstate

"I have been following Mega Agency Marketing since the first of the year, taking advantage of their free Webinars.  I have found them very useful as far as giving me more ideas on how to approach potential clients and where to Market for the best results.  My agency has recently grown to the point that allowed me to reach out to John and sign up for the Social Media program and I have been so impressed and appreciative of the great ideas they have come up with to post throughout the month.  I have noticed a few of my Co-Workers trying to steal a few ideas from me. "

Heather Newton
Farmers Agent

"We have gotten 5 to 6 leads in the past week from the Facebook site!"

Robert Deese, Jean Deese Insurance Agency

"I just wanted to let you know that I got my first sale from my Facebook Ad!  About a $4000 account!"

Tom Sangster, Sangster Insurance

Finally digging into the done for you FB posts, and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!  I didn't realize what I was missing!!!!!"

Scott Sileo, Allstate Agent

Robyn Sharp has been amazing at keeping me up to date with the social media world! As a new business owner, the day to day operations left little time for me to concentrate on social media, but with Robyn’s help and support I can now use social media without feeling like it is a hassle! I am even starting to see sales come in from my using my social networks!!!

Jessie Krieger, Farmers Agent

Robyn Sharp has been instrumental in launching our bank’s social media presence.  The bank’s primary focus is jumbo mortgage lending and Robyn immediately understood the direction we wanted to take to reach customers.  Robyn is extremely dependable and completed all tasks within the deadlines set.  Most importantly, Robyn provided us with a key understanding of how and why social media marketing could be an important tool in generating new clients and creating a brand for our bank.

Jenny Love, Assistant Vice President, Crockett National Bank

Robyn Sharp created my business Facebook page…She is the best, always available and very creative! I highly recommend her service!

Michelle Priestman Desjardins, Allstate Agent

I enjoyed the webinar. It was MUCH better than any educational ones hosted by Allstate. After watching yours, I actually feel comfortable doing the Facebook thing! Allstate’s attempt at the webinar overwhelmed me and turned me off to the whole idea of social media. So, Kudo’s to you!

Susan Young, Allstate Agent

Robyn is AMAZING!!! She did a great job on our page also!!! I highly recommend her!!! She really knows her stuff!!!

Jason Shears, Allstate Agent

Working with Robyn Sharp has helped make my life a little easier. Robyn has been very helpful in helping me with office procedures and email marketing. Robyn is like having another person on my team helping my agency reach our maximum potential and achieve our agency goals.

Jerry Farcone, Farmers Agent

Robyn has great experience under her belt as a captive agent and brings an exceptional enthusiasm, background, and creativity to her clients.

Gin Brockwell, Allstate Agent

Robyn brings a fresh viewpoint to the insurance world that very few agents or companies possess. She does this with enthusiasm and integrity. Excellent person to work with.

Gary Mcentire, State Farm Agent

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She is worth EVERY PENNY!!!

Steve Luray, Nationwide Agent

I wanted to first thank you for the course as it has already vastly improved our web presence.

Brian Tongate, Allstate

If you are looking to improve what you are doing with social media, blogging and attention for your website, I recommend that you take advantage of Robyn’s knowledge!

Michael Wolf, Allstate Agent

Hi Robyn!  I just discovered your site. I’m a young guy, just beginning in the insurance world, I’m starting by trying to help my mom’s agency get a handle on her online presence and marketing, your content has been immensely helpful so far!  Thank you!

Jacob Nelson

Robyn, I have been browsing your page and I wanted to say I like the content and ideas you offer! I am in the process of opening my own insurance agency and I look forward to implementing some of your ideas. I just wanted to tell you I think your ideas are innovative!

Brian Stennett, Nationwide Agent

Robyn does a great job posting information for the insurance industry and has informative information to use in marketing insurance.  Her people skills and knowledge are valuable assets.

Jeannie Hamilton, President The Surety Bonding Agency

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