Make Sales Skyrocket: Who To Target?

Today is Day 3 in my series on “Creating A Mega Agency Without A Mega Budget: 59 Ways To Attract All The Insurance Clients You Need.”

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This list is a mix of marketing ideas and ways to streamline your agency operations and improve service, referrals, retention, and more.  All designed to help you take your agency to the next level without going broke in the process.

Let’s get started…

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]#3:  Who is your ideal client?  A family, a high-risk driver, good credit, bad credit? [/headline_tahoma_small_left]
When I see a question like that, I automatically want to say EVERYONE!  I WANT EVERYONE!!!

Because let’s be honest, most of us just want to write new business.  We don’t really care the details of who the person is or it they “fit” in our agency model.

But it really is something you should care about.

In marketing, you learn that having a target market is one of the most important parts of attracting new customers.  The reason is that when you have a core group that you speak to, your message makes sense and they are more drawn to you to make a purchase.

Now, in insurance, you’re always going to have a wide variety unless you only sell a very niche product.  And most likely, you’re not going to turn many people away.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t actively pursue a certain client.

First, look at who you have the best rates for.

  • Some of you have fantastic rates for people who have great credit and are multi-lined.  (Who wouldn’t want those people?)


  • Some have great rates for multi-car families with a teenage driver.  They aren’t necessarily cheap, but they are a good deal compared to other companies.


  • You might offer fantastic rates for high risk drivers that have a lapse in coverage or several accidents on their record.

Wherever you have a competitive edge, is a great place to start.  This can be a person or a geographical area too.

When we had our agency, we used to sell a lot of homeowner’s policies in rural areas.  The rates were average in the city, but fantastic in the small towns.  So we forgot about geographical location and bought internet leads in zip codes where we had a competitive advantage.  And sales skyrocketed!  We knew who our target market was at that time and focused in on it.

Another reason to care about your target market is retention.  Many agents have a minimum requirement and a bonus that is based on retaining a certain percentage of your book of business.  If you write policies that you know will lapse, you might be hurting yourself in these situations.

I’m sure that you can imagine a certain client by name right now who writes a policy, cancels in a month or two, and shows back up to reinstate shortly after.  And they’ve probably done this more than once!  Create guidelines for how often you’ll allow this to happen and make sure your staff understand why.

If you’re in a situation where you’re allowed to charge a fee when you write a policy and you’re not worried about retention, then that person just might be your ideal client!

If you want to sell a lot more policies, get to another level, and make a lot more money, doing things the “same old way” probably won’t cut it.  If you’re captive, you need to look at where you can compete and get the best results.  If you’re independent, you need to look at which company you represent currently has the most competitive product.  Commercial lines?  Pick a niche to pursue.  Life?  Maybe you target young families who need an inexpensive term policy.

Where can you compete?  Who is your target?  Figure it out and start aiming your marketing at them.  (And don’t be a perfectionist here, you can always change it later if your rates change!)

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