What motivates someone to buy life insurance?

We know that people don’t always buy what they “need”, they buy what they WANT.  That means that in any marketing, you have to speak the right language to get the result you want (more quotes!)

Studies have shown that these are the TOP 3 reasons someone purchases Life Insurance:

#1 – Final Expense coverage

#2 – Cover Family’s Monthly Expenses

#3 – Mortgage Payoff

A lot of times, we use language like protect your family, but that’s NOT in the top 3 motivators, which means the language may not be getting the right result.

What if instead of talking about protecting the family, you started out by presenting final expense coverage?  The hardest part of any life insurance sale is getting the conversation started!  From there, you can dive into other options and how much coverage is really necessary.  Plus, you get a good feel for the client’s budget and what is going to be affordable.

Life Insurance Sales Script

Open The Conversation With This Sentence:

“Do you currently have life insurance?”

Pretty simple right?  Incredibly simple and easy for all of your staff to remember.  You’re going to get a Yes or No answer.

If Yes – “Is it through your work?”  Note the response in your CRM or management system and move on.

Here are my thoughts…if someone currently has coverage and isn’t directly asking about Life, it’s going to be a difficult discussion to start.  They don’t see a need since they have coverage already!  Better to document the response and plan a marketing campaign to all clients with coverage through work at another time.  (You might send out a postcard explaining that they’ll lose coverage when they change jobs and it will be more expensive.)

If No – “I’m going to mail you a quote for a very basic life policy designed to cover funeral costs and final expenses.  I just need to know if you’re a smoker or not?

They’ll either be receptive or say they’re not interested.  Either way, make sure that your staff are documenting the conversation so you know that they’ve been asked in the future.

When To Ask?

I remember having lunch a few years ago with one of the top life and financial producers with Allstate and his advice was to ask that simple question with every endorsement.  This process gave him a steady stream of leads to pursue.  (His office also asked if someone had recently changed jobs in order to look for possible 401k rollovers.)

We know that sales are a numbers game.  By creating a system of asking at every endorsement, you know that you’ll be generating a certain amount of responses and leads.  And this system will help you stay on track with your life sales goals all year long.

Sometimes simple is better!  Try this script today and see how it works for your agency.

Want More Scripts?

Use the Life Insurance Promotion Kit (complete with postcards, scripts, and more) to market life insurance to your current P&C clients.  Get details here.



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Robyn Sharp
Robyn Sharp

Robyn Sharp is an insurance marketing expert (and former agency owner). She specializes in Facebook content creation & marketing for P&C insurance agencies. Robyn has been a featured contributor to Exclusive Focus, PropertyCasualty360, IndependentAgent, and other insurance publications.