Life Insurance Promotion Kit: Marketing Campaigns To Sell Life To P&C Clients

This simple and easy online kit will give you EVERYTHING you need to implement consistent life marketing campaigns to your P&C clients all year long.

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In this Online Kit You'll Receive...

  • Life Birthday Campaign

    This marketing campaign urges clients to “lock in” lower life rates BEFORE their birthday.  Run it each month of the year and target your clients with a custom postcard, phone script, and follow up campaign sequence.  All ready for you to swipe and implement!

  • Mortgage Protection Campaign

    This marketing campaign urges clients to purchase life insurance to protect their mortgage balance.  Run it 1-2 times per year (or at new Homeowners purchase) and target clients with a postcard, phone script, and follow up campaign sequence.  Simple and effective!

  • Everything You Need

    The Life Insurance Promotion Kit includes the postcard templates, phone scripts, pre-written emails, Facebook Ads, and “how-to” information so you can quickly and effectively implement consistent marketing campaigns!

    Are you ready....

    • To quit waiting til the end of the year to hit your life sales goals (or production credit requirements)
    • To quit feeling stressed out about selling life insurance
    • To sell life insurance consistently each month ALL year long so you aren’t running up to the deadline
    • To have well rounded accounts that keep their auto, home, and life with your agency – improving retention and referral rates
    • To hit your sales goals and bonuses once and for all!

    Here's what you get in the Life Insurance Promotion Kit!

    • Two complete marketing plans (campaigns) designed to WARM UP life leads from current clients (getting them ready to commit to a life insurance appointment)
    • Each campaign includes a custom postcard template, phone/voicemail script, Facebook ad (with image), email follow-up template, and 10 day timeline which means you’ll have everything you need to implement right away.
    • Video training on how to upload the postcard design to Vistaprint so you can order cards right away without having to struggle with figuring out what size card, what paper quality, or the crop marks. You just log on, upload, and order the quantity you need.
    • Video training on how to create your Facebook ad. We give you the ad image to use, tell you what to write in the text, where to write it, and how to set up the bid. (We charge over $150 to do this normally!)
    • Training on how to create a custom audience for your Facebook ad which means that the only people who SEE the ad are people on the list you sent the postcard too! This SAVES you money and amplifies the success of your campaign because the ad will clearly match the card message.
    • One campaign is targeted to client birthdays (NOT a birthday card). This allows you to reach out to EVERY client without life at least once per year and give them a solid deadline to save on their life insurance. (This creates a steady stream of life leads all year long.)
    • One campaign is targeted to clients with homeowners and no life coverage. It opens up the idea of using life to pay off a mortgage giving the client a clear benefit and addressing a specific need. Campaign can be run a few times per year or just after a new home policy is sold.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • q-iconThis sounds like it could be difficult to implement. Can I do this on my own?

      Any good marketing campaign is going to take a bit of work to set up.  That’s because research shows that the BEST way to get a person to take action is by hitting them with a marketing message multiple times in multiple ways.  That’s what this is designed to do.  The client receives a card in the mail, a phone call/voicemail a few days later, sees your ad on Facebook, and receives an email from your office over a short 10 day period.  The message is cohesive, speaks directly to them, and urges quick action.  While it may sound hard to start, once you print and set up the pieces, the process will flow smoothly each and every month!

    • q-iconI don’t have enough time to do this!

      This kit is designed specifically for those short on time! Who has time to write phone scripts for their staff?  Or time to craft a great follow up email?  And if you’ve ever tried to design a postcard – you know that it’s a pain!  This kit is designed to solve ALL of that by giving you the exact elements you need to implement FAST.  Plus, it’s easy to delegate to your staff with step by step directions and email support.

    • q-iconMy company gives me postcards and marketing materials for free, I can just use those.

      Many companies offer great branded postcards but they never tell you what to DO with them. Blasting 100’s of cards with no follow up is a recipe for dismal results.  Plus, the cards typically are more focused on promoting the company brand then motivating your client to take action.  Our kit is focused on giving the client a SPECIFIC call to action and following up in multiple ways.

    • q-iconI already have a process for generating life leads.

      That’s great! Just look and see if it’s generating the results you want.  Are you getting those life conversations started or just doing busy work.  These campaigns can also be added in with your current marketing to make them even more effective!

    • q-iconI don't know if I want to spend this much.

      While budget is always important, this kit is priced for RESULTS! We keep our cost affordable so you can see a quick return.  Only ONE life sale will easily pay for these marketing campaigns that you can use for YEARS to come.

    • q-iconI don’t sell P&C.

      If you don’t sell P&C, this kit is probably not for you. The campaigns are designed to be marketed to a current book of business that sells Homeowners insurance.  The Birthday campaign is not specific to P&C, but is best for clients you already have an existing relationship with.

    • q-iconI’m a new agent and don’t have a big list of clients.

      Here’s the deal – these campaigns are designed for current clients BUT they can be used all year round. You could use the Mortgage Protection campaign with each new home sale and the birthday campaign year round – you’ll just have a lower volume to send out.  But overall these are GREAT processes to put in place for your agency from the get go.

    • q-iconI don’t totally “get” how it works.

      If you don’t quite understand what’s included or how it works, give us a call at (501)547-8107. We’ll be happy to go over the details and answer questions.

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