Insurance Marketing Ideas: Week 1

Can you believe 2016 is almost over?  I can’t!  I know that a lot of you are juggling holidays and end of year goals right now, but it’s also a great time to start creating a foundation for your marketing in 2017!

For the next 6 weeks, I’ll be sharing a quick tip or process to help your agency get prepared for your best year yet!  For week one, we’re talking about Referral Programs.  Watch the video (or read the transcript below).  

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Prefer to read?  Read the video transcript below:

Hey y’all, it’s Robyn Sharp, here at Mega Agency Marketing.  And I wanted to make a quick video for this week’s blog post to talk about some marketing ideas for the end of 2016.  I’m looking at the calendar and we’re about a week away from Thanksgiving and all the craziness is about to unfold between the holidays and January 1st.

So for a lot of you this is kind of a weird period at the end of the year with a lot of hitting those finals goals, those final numbers, as well as trying to plan for next year.  Finding out what your company wants you to do in 2017, what you’re wanting to do, there’s a lot going on.  Christmas.  If you have little kids like I do, that alone is just craziness.

I started looking at it and I saw that there’s really about 6, 7 weeks here between now and the end of December and I wanted to do a blog post each week between now and then where we talk about things you can do to start setting the foundation to be really successful in 2017.

So I was making a list and thought okay, what marketing tools, what things need to be planned now, so that when January rolls around, you’re ready to hit the ground running and it’s all in place.  So every week, every Tuesday, between now and the end of the year, I’m going to be sending you a new idea, a new tip, of something that you can start working on right now.  If it’s a little bit slower, you can get these all done.  And if you’re still really busy for the end of the year, you might have to space it out a bit more or get a little help from your staff, but these will help get you ready to go.

So first one, for this week, in our final 6 week countdown here, is going to be starting to plan your Referral Rewards program for 2017.

Now referral programs are super important.  Super important for any agency really, especially for personal lines.  Everybody needs auto and home insurance, right?  And it’s a great way to build rapport with your current client base as well as reach out to their friends and family.

And a lot of people kind of, they put together a referral program, but they don’t see great results.  And the problem is that you can’t just create it and hope that people are going to follow along.  It really takes a lot of promotion.

It takes a lot of regular reminding and you have to use it constantly.  And that’s really the value in the referral program.  It’s not really in the giving out the little gift cards for referrals or anything like that, the value is in the promotion.  Because it gives you something to talk about to your clients, so you have something where you can say “hey, look who won this week” or “look at what we’re giving away” or “see all these people who have given us referrals this month.”  It’s great social proof.  You can use photos, you can put this all over social media, it’s amazing for your Facebook marketing.

And a lot of people just aren’t taking advantage of it.  So I really recommend that you spend some time now, while you have a few weeks, if you don’t have a referral program, January 1st is the time to do it.  It’s the perfect time to kick it off.  If you do have one, now might be a good time to look it over and see what kind of results you’re getting and how you can make it better.  Maybe you want to switch things up a bit, switch what your reward is.  Maybe put something new in there and make it a bit more exciting.  There’s lots of things you can do.

I usually recommend that you have some sort of small reward every time someone gives you a referral.  For most states, you can not have this tied to a sale.  You can’t say “we’ll give you a reward if the customer buys.”  That can be considered rebating. So you need to check your state laws closely when it comes to referrals.  I always urge that because it’s so different from one place to another.  Make sure that you’re checking your laws and avoiding anything with rebating of course.  So you can do that plus I like to do something each month where maybe, everybody that gives you a referral gets their name in a hat and you’re giving some other prize.  And I’ve seen everything under the sun when it comes to these prizes.  They can be movie tickets, bigger gift cards, they can be anything…anything that you want to do.  Something that you think your target client would enjoy.

And you do that drawing each month and then you promote it.  You take pictures with the winner, you put it in your newsletter, your email newsletter, you put it on your Facebook, and you really get the word out.  You’re using flyers in your office that every customer that comes in is seeing.  You’re putting them in your new business packets that you give away.  Really make a big deal about it.

It works best, though, if it’s well planned.  So now is the time to start doing that so that it’s ready on January 1st.  Now if you are a member of one of our programs and you’re a Platinum member or you do ads with us, we have a new program coming out that I’m super excited about.  That we’re kicking off right here in December.

We’re going to be doing our regular Facebook content, like we’ve always done, it’s been six years now, of doing Facebook content for insurance agencies so I know it backward and forward.  But we’re going to still be doing our content but jazzing it up a bit.  We’re going to be including lots of other marketing campaigns, lots of other marketing tools, that really fit in with our monthly insurance marketing calendar.

So if you’re getting that free calendar each month, this is really going to take that to the next level.  And even better, we’re going to be offering a great price, where you can get involved for only $37 per month.  Instead of, right now we have the customized version for $97 where we post for you, but now you’re also going to have the option of joining at $37 and posting your content on your own PLUS getting access to all of these marketing materials.

So it’s going to be amazing.  And I’ll be talking about it more as we get through the end of the year , but right now if you do go and sign up for the $37 (I’ll put the link here), you would get access to all of my Referral Reward training instantly as well.  So along with the current Facebook posts and marketing materials, we’re going to show you how start your referral program, give you some different templates to use for making your flyer, some graphics to use, as well as tools to promote it.  A big promotion tool is going to be through real estate agents and mortgage lenders and I’ll give you all that stuff included.

If you have questions, let me know.  I really urge you to start thinking about this.  Put it on your calendar, even if you can’t do it today.  You know, over the Thanksgiving holiday next week you might have some free time to sit down and start planning it out.  It will be worth it in 2017.  So get focused on it and I’ll be back next week to share another idea for your 2017 marketing.  Please let me know any questions and I’ll talk to you soon.

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