How Your Staff Can (unintentionally) Screw Up Your Agency Brand…

Delegation is a beautiful thing…except when it backfires.

I’ve seen too many agents delegate the seemingly “less important” tasks, like writing an email newsletter or posting on their Facebook page, to their staff and ultimately regret it.

Why?  Because they just aren’t always equipped to represent your brand the way you would!

Here’s a few problems I’ve seen in the past…

Proofreading Errors

While a lot of people ignore grammar, spelling, and use texting abbreviations when it comes to social media, I think that is a terrible idea when you’re representing your business!  I’ve seen badly written paragraphs, run-on sentences, terrible misspellings of common words, and worse.

“Need ur insurance card?”

“Plz call fora  quote.” 

Yeah, this just isn’t going to cut it!  And your staff honestly might not realize their mistakes.

Unprofessional Tone

Similar to text language, your online marketing tone is important.  Do you SOUND like an expert someone should trust all of their lifelong assets with?  Are your comments educated and relevant?  Is your online marketing an accurate representation of you as a business owner?

Or…does it sound like your teenage part-time receptionist wrote it?

Irrelevant Content

Last year, I had a client contact me for help on his Facebook page.  His staff had been managing it on their own and he really had no idea how to log in.  And once he DID get in? He was in for a surprise!

His long term staff member had been using HIS business page to consistently promote her boyfriend’s business!  

Yes, this professional agency page was FULL of photos promoting a different business.  All being shared with HIS clients!  And when she wasn’t busy marketing someone else, she was sharing tons of silly internet meme’s and photos of kittens.  It was truly a hot mess.

And all of it could have been avoided if the agent had been paying attention to what was going on.

Manage Admins

Make sure you know who has access to your accounts, can post on your behalf, and remove them immediately upon termination or resignation.  I can’t tell you how many pages I’ve seen where the agent had people listed who had been gone from the agency for years.

On your Facebook page, simply click the Edit Page section in the top Admin Panel to view your current admins.  Facebook also allows you to assign different levels of access, depending on what that person will be doing on the page.  This is a good protection measure and guarantees that a disgruntled staff member won’t remove you from your own page!  On most other social networks, you just need to change your password.

Choose Wisely

Now, many of you have extremely talented and hardworking staff who are more than capable of taking care of your marketing accounts.  So I would never say to not trust anyone.  If you’ve got the right person for the task, by all means, use them!  You could also consider writing your own posts and content and simply asking your staff to post it for you.

And if you are feeling a little lost with where to begin or want to outsource ALL of your P&C marketing, check out my Insurance Marketing System here!  We’ll take care of scheduling your social media, posting and sharing your blog articles, and giving you tons of pre-written insurance specific content and training.

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About The Author

Robyn Sharp

Robyn Sharp is an insurance marketing expert (and former agency owner). She specializes in Facebook content creation & marketing for P&C insurance agencies. Robyn has been a featured contributor to Exclusive Focus, PropertyCasualty360, IndependentAgent, and other insurance publications.