Want to get insurance referrals on Facebook?  For the month of January, we’re focusing on Referral Rewards Programs and how you can make them REALLY work.  (If you’re not familiar with referral programs, learn the basics here.)

But here’s something that I think a lot of people miss – free promotion via social media, specifically Facebook!  

Your Referral Program only works if people KNOW about it and are reminded regularly.  That’s why Facebook is so helpful!  Here are a few ways you can make it work for you.

Get Your Current Clients To Follow You On Facebook

Your current clients are the people most likely to “like” your agency’s Facebook page.  That’s why you want to make sure that that are connecting with you.  It provides you a chance to not only promote referrals, but also provide great customer service, improve retention, and generate multi-line opportunities.

You can send out an email blast about your page, include a link in your email signatures, and many other things.  But creating a Facebook “like” ad is a good place to start.  You can target your clients specifically and for around $1 per day, be getting them onto your Facebook page.  (We teach you how to do this in Mega Posts.)

Share Your Referral Program Often

Plan to post about your referral program at least once per week.  Some of these posts will just be showing your flyer and a few quick words about your reward.  Other times you might take a photo of a recent winner and share it.  Or have your staff pose for a pic with your gift cards, etc.  Get creative!  Making it entertaining generates better response.

Create A Monthly Drawing

The point of including a monthly drawing in your referral program is for the promotion opportunities.  You could do a Facebook Live video (or just video and post it later) of you drawing the winners name.  You could take a picture of the winner when they pick up their prize (or tag them online).  If your reward involves a local business (like a local restaurant gift card), you could tag the restaurant in the post too.  ALL of these things help you be seen by more people!  And that’s free marketing baby!

Run Ads For Referrals

If you’re pretty Facebook savvy, you could even run a Facebook ad and target your current clients (or just boost a post about it).  This would help you make sure that your current clients are seeing you on a regular basis.

Promote A Local Real Estate Agent or Lender

If you do a referral program just for lenders and agents, you could include sharing their name as part of your reward.  They are looking for new leads just like you are and would appreciate reaching your audience!  Post the winner’s picture and tag their business page each month.

Make It Fun

The biggest thing that will help your referral program is consistent promotion.  By integrating your promotion on Facebook, you make it EASY for clients to see you and refer you!

Not Sure Where To Start?

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Robyn Sharp
Robyn Sharp

Robyn Sharp is an insurance marketing expert (and former agency owner). She specializes in Facebook content creation & marketing for P&C insurance agencies. Robyn has been a featured contributor to Exclusive Focus, PropertyCasualty360, IndependentAgent, and other insurance publications.

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