Are you ready to create your insurance agency’s Facebook marketing plan for 2018?

Everyone says that they want to use Facebook for marketing, but most aren’t sure HOW to actually go about doing that.

There are several things you can do to create a consistent Facebook marketing strategy (without spending a lot of your budget.) Let’s take a look!

Your Facebook Marketing Plan

Your agency’s Facebook page is where you start.  Many agents don’t realize this, but the majority of your page “likes” and follows come from CURRENT clients.  That’s why it is vitally important to be doing the right marketing here!

If someone is already a client, the message you want to share on Facebook is “refer your friends” and “here are other lines of business we offer.”

Here’s what we recommend you put in your marketing plan.

Monthly Insurance Content

Create your Facebook content for the entire month all at once.  This is so much easier than trying to write it each day. Plan to post at least once a day (on days that you’re open).

Share a mix of content – holidays & seasonal messages, insurance tips, funny memes (that relate to insurance), asking for referrals, sharing your referral rewards program, and asking for quotes are all good places to start!

Boost the best ones!  Boosting a post is a very simple version of a Facebook Ad.  You’ll see some ad consultants say to never boost posts because it isn’t as targeted.  But here’s what I’ve seen…boosting is a simple way to reach more people who already “like” your page (those current clients, remember?) For $5 you can have your post seen by hundreds of people and greatly increase engagement.  For many agents, this is all that they really need.

Now if you’re wanting to reach new prospects with Facebook Ads and make specialized offers, I would recommend running more advanced ads in the Ad Manager.  But this isn’t necessary for your basic content promotion.

Remember that any post you boost can not have more than 20% of the photo covered with text or it won’t be approved.

Our MegaPosts service gives you daily Facebook posts created specifically for P&C agencies (plus tells you which are best for boosting).  We’ll even post it for you each day for only $37!  Check it out here.

Quality Customer Service

Make sure you are paying attention to any comments and responding!  You can download the Pages app on your phone so you are notified of any new comments or messages (or assign this job to a trustworthy staff member).

It’s also a great idea to be available on your page when there are significant weather advisories in your area.  Share local severe storm warnings, post the Claims contact info when needed, and be available to answer questions via Messenger.

Quarterly Ads

Run a Facebook “Like” ad to get more people to like and follow your agency page.

You can actually create an ad that only shows up to current clients!  Simply run a list of their email addresses in your agency management system and upload it to Facebook Custom Audiences.  Select this when you create your ad and and only people whose Facebook profile matches that email address will see the ad.

Run this Like ad once per quarter to your client list for a few dollars per day and then market for quotes via your daily content all year long!


To reach new prospects, consider running a Facebook ad to generate leads.  These will cost a little more of your budget, but they can be worth it!  In my experience, ads perform better when tied to an offer.  So you might offer a gift card or a freebie in exchange for a quote.  Consider using the Facebook Lead Generation ads for this!

Referral Program

Referral rewards programs are a great way to reach out to clients and give them incentives to refer their friends for a quote.  Create a referral program in your agency and promote it on your Facebook page weekly.  Here are some tips on referral programs.

Things To Remember

Facebook is an important place for your agency to be online.  It ranks high in Google searches and the majority of your clients are using it!

Having an active Facebook presence and positive reviews is key to projecting a strong online brand.  Even better, it doesn’t have to be expensive OR time consuming!  Let us help your agency this year!  Sign up for Mega Posts for $37 now and we’ll post your content each day at no additional cost!  Get details here.  


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Robyn Sharp
Robyn Sharp

Robyn Sharp is an insurance marketing expert (and former agency owner). She specializes in Facebook content creation & marketing for P&C insurance agencies. Robyn has been a featured contributor to Exclusive Focus, PropertyCasualty360, IndependentAgent, and other insurance publications.