May Insurance Marketing Plan

A new month is about to begin and it’s time to start thinking about your May insurance marketing plan. May Insurance Marketing Plan Draw your Referral Rewards winner from April and PROMOTE it on all of your social networks and email newsletter.  If you don’t know what Referral Rewards are, read this.  Remember, the benefit to referral programs is…

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April Insurance Marketing Plan

April is only a few days away and it’s time to start thinking about your insurance marketing plan. We’re kicking off the 2nd quarter of the year and it’s usually a busy one.  In the spring, home sales pick up and the winter slump ends.  It’s a great time to kick up your marketing so…

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Are Acres of Diamonds Hiding In Your Insurance Agency?

Have you ever heard the Acres of Diamonds story?  Here’s the short & sweet version:  A farmer learned about diamonds and sold his farm to go get rich diamond mining.  (Spoiler….he never found a diamond!)  The man who bought his farm found acres of diamonds on the property, right under the farmers nose the entire time.  (You…

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March Insurance Marketing Plan

How is it possible that we’re already starting the last month of the 1st quarter of 2017?  Time is flying by!  Are you on pace for your goals? Remember, the best marketing is the stuff you do on a regular basis.  Social media, referral programs, annual reviews, and networking all work – but you’ve got…

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February Insurance Marketing Calendar

February Insurance Marketing

Are you ready for a brand-new month?  Let’s get started! February Insurance Marketing Here are a few things to do to market your agency this month: When you download the February marketing calendar, you’ll see that this month’s theme is “Life insurance for those you love!”  While September is the traditional Life Insurance Awareness Month,…

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January Insurance Marketing Calendar

The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to business.  It’s officially 2017 and time to think about your January insurance marketing! Here are a few things to do to market your agency in January: The theme of January’s calendar is REFERRALS and promoting a referral program. Draw your Referral Rewards winner from December and…

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Insurance Marketing Ideas: Week 2

insurance marketing ideas week 2

Happy Thanksgiving week!  Between yesterday’s webinar and tomorrow’s holiday, it’s been a bit crazy around here.  I’ve got a bunch of new clients to help PLUS pie to make! 🙂  We weren’t able to get a transcript in time for this week’s blog video, but hopefully you can find a few minutes to watch. Last…

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Insurance Marketing Ideas: Week 1

Can you believe 2016 is almost over?  I can’t!  I know that a lot of you are juggling holidays and end of year goals right now, but it’s also a great time to start creating a foundation for your marketing in 2017! For the next 6 weeks, I’ll be sharing a quick tip or process to…

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November Insurance Marketing Calendar

november insurance marketing

It’s the first day of the month and time to think about your November insurance marketing! The beginning of the month is the perfect time to set goals and intentions for the upcoming few weeks.  November can be slightly challenging because the holidays are moving in along with the end-of-year sales goals. We officially have less…

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8 Ways To Get In Front Of Insurance Prospects

get in front of insurance prospects

What’s the ONE thing you can do TODAY to get in front of insurance prospects?  Be visible! It’s true for everyone no matter what you sell.  You have to put yourself out there to get quotes.  People have to know who you are, like you, and trust you!   I try to do something every…

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