9 Tips To BOOST Insurance Agency Retention With Only A Cell Phone

We’re all a little addicted to our smart phones these days.  They aren’t just phones anymore.  We use it to check email, check Facebook, send a text to a friend, view our bank balance, listen to music, enter our calories from lunch…smart phones have fully integrated themselves into our daily lives.

You know that a large majority of your clients are using their smartphone all day every day.  So how do you use that to your advantage?

Let’s brainstorm a few ways that you can BOOST your insurance agency retention with your cell phone:

1.  Let client’s TEXT you.  People love to text!  It’s quick and it doesn’t require finding time to make a phone call.  Now, I understand that you can’t bind coverage or make endorsements via text, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for general inquiries or communication.

If you don’t want to use your personal cell phone, consider getting a cell phone just for the office.  You’d have to work out the logistics but this is a simple way to make your clients really happy without much effort required on your part.

2.  Tell new client’s to put your office number in their phone contacts.  Before they get a chance to walk out the door, recommend that they make a new contact and save it right now.  They could save your text number too.  Why?  That way they’ll have your number available when they have a question or a billing issue while switching their coverage.  And they’ll call YOU and not their OLD agent!

3.  Add the claims number too.  While saving important numbers in the phone, make sure you share the number for reporting a claim if it’s different than your main office line.  Even more important if you’re an independent agent and there are multiple companies that may be represented.

Imagine that you are your client and you just had a wreck.  Or your roof is leaking in the middle of the night.  What information do you need at your fingertips? When you make someone’s life easier, they stay a lot longer and have a better claims experience.

4.  Ask them to “Like” your Facebook page (for a reward).  You’re wanting more Facebook “likes” but aren’t sure how to get your clients to actually go to the page.  Offer a little reward if they do it while they’re in the office!

Everyone has some fun “swag” in the back storage room.  Keychains, coffee mugs, pens.  Offer things like that as a reward when a client clicks Like and show it to your staff on their phone.  This could apply to new clients or current clients coming in the office to make a payment or an endorsement.  Make some fliers and post it at each desk!

5.  Update your Google maps information.  If a client is coming to your office for the first time, there is a good chance they’ll be looking it up on a map first.  Make sure that the information is accurate and easy to find.

Google allows you to create a free listing for your business.  Click here to set up yours.  That way you know that clients can find you!

6.  Do you have a great website full of helpful information?  Well..are you telling your clients about it?!  If not, consider creating a QR code and including it in your new business packets.  A QR code allows someone to scan it with their phone and visit a website without having to type in the URL.  Use a site like QR Stuff to make a code for your website.

7.  Does your insurance company offer any apps for clients?  Many companies now offer an app that clients can download.  Some allow you to view  ID cards or document an accident.  Try these apps for yourself and make sure clients know about them.  Once again,

8.  Download a free app called Evernote.  It’s a note taking application that has amazing features and integrates on all devices as well as online.  Teach clients how to use their phone to make a home inventory and document it in an Evernote account!  They could snap photos of serial numbers or just write down notes of important items.  Evernote securely backs it all up and makes it easy to access and search.  (This is seriously one of my favorite applications ever!)  

9.  Put ALL of this information in one easy reference document!  Take these items  and create a nice document for your New Business folders or to send in a Welcome Email.  It would also work great as a checklist!  This way clients can quickly  all of your agency information at one time on their phone.

When you think about marketing your insurance agency, think about how you can WOW your clients and make their lives a little easier.  By using tools and systems that benefit the client, you’ll see higher retention and better customer experience surveys!

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About The Author

Robyn Sharp

Robyn Sharp is an insurance marketing expert (and former agency owner). She specializes in Facebook content creation & marketing for P&C insurance agencies. Robyn has been a featured contributor to Exclusive Focus, PropertyCasualty360, IndependentAgent, and other insurance publications.