You probably read this title and were a little confused.  What do photos have to do with marketing your insurance agency?

Well, they are actually really important…the web is a VISUAL place.  We like to see people.  We are more connected to a business when we know the people who work there.

In fact, social media has proven that we can feel connected to people we’ve never met in real life, just by seeing what they write and photos they share!  Not to mention the quick growth of social networks like Pinterest and Instagram that focus 100% on images.

But, I’ve noticed a problem.  A lot of you don’t have any photos to work with.  You’re running short on images and as a result, you’re hurting your online agency brand.

So here are a few photos to take this week to get you moving on the right track.

1.  Your Office Location.  These are great for using on social media pages and on your website.  You want clients to be able to find your office and recognize it if they drive by.  Take a photo of the front door, the parking lot, the building, etc.  Anything that serves as a landmark or helps a client find you is great.  Consider a professional picture if you have a very unique or special building.

2.  The person whose name is on the door.  If your name is on the door, you need to be in photos!  The owner of the business is always out networking, shaking hands, making connections, and creating sales opportunities.  That means that you need to recognizable to clients and prospects.  Take a photo at your desk, in front of the office, at a networking event, or at a community event.

3.  A picture of everyone who interacts with clients.  If your staff interact with clients, even as a receptionist, then they need to represented on your social media at the very least (and probably your website too).  People like to know who they are talking to.  Take a group photo of your staff.  Have them take photos at networking meetings.  Show your latest staff dress up day or your community fundraiser.  Get creative!

4.  A picture of the brands you represent.  Doesn’t matter if you’re captive or independent, you need to remind clients who you represent.  For some of you, it’s only one company.  For others it’s 10+.  Choose your largest carriers in that case.  Take a picture of their logos on your wall, the marketing materials, anything that helps your client connect that brand with you in their mind.

5.  Something that shows your personality.  Do you have a collection in your office?  When I worked for my mom’s agency in college, one of the sales producers collected M&M memorabilia.  She had an entire bookcase of adorable M&M collectibles.  Clients would bring them to her as gifts since they knew she would add it to her collection.  It was fun and “branded” her in the client’s mind.  (In my husband’s office, you’d always find Arkansas Razorback gear…)

Do you have something like this?  Post a picture!  Talk about the team you like, the cause you support, or the quirky collectible filling your office bookcase.  People like personality.  And it gives you more content for your online marketing.

6.  Schedule a professional headshot.  So your phone just rang with a call from the local newspaper.  They need your expert opinion for an article they’re printing tomorrow on liability risks.  They’re happy to include your name and business and would love to add a photo.  But they need it in the next 90 minutes before their print deadline.

Sorry, if you don’t have a great print worthy headshot, it’s too late!  The opportunity has passed.  That’s why I encourage you to schedule a professional photo shoot TODAY!  Most photography studios can do this for you and give you a digital copy for you to use online or on print materials.  Make sure you get a digital copy!

Need image ideas?  We recently did this website design for Paul Schwend Insurance.  Check out his great staff photo and the drawing of his office on the right sidebar of the blog.


I’ve also been looking for agencies using Instagram to talk about insurance.  Here are a few profiles to check out if you’re an Instagram user:

Are you using Instagram to market your agency?  Leave your profile in the comments and I’ll follow you!  

Using images to marketing your insurance agency doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes a little creativity and consistency to get started.

Don’t miss out on great marketing opportunities because you don’t have the right tools.  Most of the time, you don’t need anything fancier than your smartphone, but I do encourage at least one high quality photo that could be used for advertising purposes.

Make a goal to post at least one image per week on your social media accounts and have at least one personal photo on every page of your website.

If you need help figuring out WHAT to write on your social media, join Mega Posts!  CLICK HERE for details.


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Robyn Sharp
Robyn Sharp

Robyn Sharp is an insurance marketing expert (and former agency owner). She specializes in Facebook content creation & marketing for P&C insurance agencies. Robyn has been a featured contributor to Exclusive Focus, PropertyCasualty360, IndependentAgent, and other insurance publications.

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