As we all gear up our marketing plans for the New Year, I thought it would be a good time to talk about the biggest mistakes I see agents make on Facebook, so YOU don’t have to make them!

Facebook is an amazing way to connect with your clients, increase personal relationships, get referrals, and round accounts.  But it can take a while to get a good system in place for making it work.  Avoid these things below and you’ll be on the path to great results!

#1 Using the Same Content As Every Other Allstate, Farmers, Nationwide, etc. Agent In Town

Many companies provide Facebook content to their agents, but it comes at a price for your marketing.  It’s the SAME thing every other agent in your town is using too!

The problem here is you can’t stand out if that’s all you use.  When people google your company name and all the Facebook pages show in the results, it’s basically all the same.  And it can really keep you from making any progress.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t use the company content at all, a lot of it looks great, – but it needs to be mixed in with other posts too.  Remember, your company wants to promote THEIR product and not the individual agent.  So make sure to supplement your own photos and tips!

#2 Ignoring Client’s Messages & Comments

If you’re going to make the effort to be on social media, you can’t ignore the SOCIAL side!  Make sure that you’re paying attention to comments and messages that come in on your Facebook page.

If you have no interest in Facebook, then assign the job to a staff member who loves it.  Remember to check your notification settings so that you’re notified when new comments come in.  The Facebook Pages app is a great tool for managing your page and will keep you notified so you never miss a message!

#3 Making Insurance Too Serious

Insurance is extremely important, but it’s not the most exiting topic on social media.  There are politics to argue about and funny cat videos to share you know.

So we have to make it “eye catching” in order to get people to stop and pay attention.

One great way is by collecting fun memes, jokes, and popular images and giving them an insurance spin.

For example, in December, we shared a post with an image from  the movie Christmas Vacation.  It’s when Ellen goes to flip the switch in the garage so the Christmas lights will work and you see this huge overloaded outlet.

Most people know this movie and enjoy watching it at Christmas. So we gave it a little insurance spin by saying to never overload your outlets because of the fire danger.  And this post had a ton of likes and comments because of it!  (Way more than if we had simply said to never overload an outlet.) Keep your content fun and entertaining.

#4 Not Promoting Referrals

If you are running a referral rewards program, you MUST promote it on Facebook!  Make a simple graphic about your rewards (use a tool like Canva or PicMonkey).  Share it regularly, post photos of reward winners, and share testimonials.

Your referral program gives you something to talk about on Facebook so don’t waste the opportunity!

#5 Being Inconsistent

And the overall worst mistake is being inconsistent.  It’s HARD to find time to do all of these things while still taking care of clients and running new quotes.

I recommend that you post on your agency Facebook page at least once per day on days that you’re open.  Some people may feel like this is too often, but you have to remember that clients aren’t going to login at the same time and they won’t see every single post.

Scheduling content in advance is also really helpful when it comes to consistency.  You know things will be going out and you’re not stressing day to day over what to share.  (Or worse, going for months without sharing anything!) .

The Easiest Fix?

If you want to get your Facebook content supercharged for the new year, go sign up for Mega Posts!  

We create fun, engaging P&C content Monday – Friday, that you can use on any of your social networks.  You solve the issue of using the same content as other agents in town, you keep insurance interesting, you mention referrals on a regular basis, and you’re incredibly consistent!  For only $37 per month!

For a limited time, we’ll even post the content on your agency Facebook page at no extra charge (as long as there are no customizations).  

Hurry, space is limited so get started today and start making the most of your agency Facebook marketing.  Click here for details.  

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Robyn Sharp
Robyn Sharp

Robyn Sharp is an insurance marketing expert (and former agency owner). She specializes in Facebook content creation & marketing for P&C insurance agencies. Robyn has been a featured contributor to Exclusive Focus, PropertyCasualty360, IndependentAgent, and other insurance publications.