8 Ways To Get In Front Of Insurance Prospects

get in front of insurance prospects

What’s the ONE thing you can do TODAY to get in front of insurance prospects?  Be visible! It’s true for everyone no matter what you sell.  You have to put yourself out there to get quotes.  People have to know who you are, like you, and trust you!   I try to do something every…

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Sell Life Insurance To Current Auto & Home Clients

sell life insurance to current clients

When people ask me how to sell more Life Insurance to their auto & home clients, I ALWAYS recommend that they use my Life Birthday campaign.  It’s super easy, can be run all year long (generating consistent leads), and has a strong, motivating, call-to-action. Sell Life Insurance To Current Clients:  Here’s The Campaign WHO TO TARGET:  Current auto/home…

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October Insurance Agency Marketing Plan

October Insurance Marketing

It’s the beginning of the month and time to plan your October insurance marketing. October is known for pumpkin patches, apple picking, cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course, Halloween.  The back-to-school craze of September has finally slowed down and we’re in that “calm before the storm” of the holiday season. Let’s look at some…

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Life Insurance Sales Tip


Earlier this month, I asked you to consider the language that you use when selling life insurance and to make sure that you’re speaking exactly to your prospect’s concerns.  Today I want to share another life insurance sales tip. Beyond scripting your sales pitch and choosing the right target market, sometimes you just have to…

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Sell Life Insurance At New Business

sell life insurance

As we continue on with Life Insurance Awareness Month, today I want to talk about processes to sell life insurance at New Business.  (You can see all of the LIAM resources here.) So you’ve just sold an auto and home policy and are finishing up the final paperwork with your client.  How do you bring up…

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Life Insurance Sales Script

life insurance sales script

As we continue our Life Insurance Awareness Month theme for September, I wanted to talk about creating a life insurance sales script AND choosing the right language that will get your prospects attention. We know that people don’t always buy what they “need”, they buy what they WANT.  That means that in any marketing, you have…

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Life Insurance Awareness Month Resources

As we kick off Life Insurance Awareness Month (#LIAM), I thought I’d put all of the content and resources in ONE place.  Check it out below! Blog Articles: Life Insurance Awareness Month – 3 Step Campaign September Marketing Calendar Life Insurance Sales Script Sell Life Insurance At New Business Life Insurance Sales Tip   Marketing…

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September Insurance Marketing Calendar

september insurance marketing calendar

New month means new marketing!  I love September (and not just because it’s my birthday month!)  To me, September is the new January.  It’s your second-chance in the year for a fresh start.  January might be a new calendar year, but frequently people are a little burned out in January.  You’ve just survived the holiday season…

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Ready for Life Insurance Awareness Month?

life insurance awareness month

September is almost here and that means that it’s time to think about selling LIFE INSURANCE!  And there are several reasons why… Life Insurance Awareness Month #1 – September is the official Life Insurance Awareness Month.  Which means there are ads, TV commercials, and media talking about life insurance – which makes it easy to…

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5 Step Plan To Get Insurance Referrals From Facebook

5 Step Plan To Get Insurance Referrals From Facebook

When you’re ready to generate insurance referrals from Facebook, you need a PLAN.  And today, I’ve got one for you!  In fact, I’m going to give you everything you need to create a solid referral strategy on Facebook.  (And trust me, I’ve been specializing in insurance social media marketing for 6 years and this is EXACTLY what I recommend…

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