Think Millennials Will Kill The Insurance Industry? Think Again.


My younger sister and her family are in the process of buying a new home.  And that means shopping for insurance of course! I always find it helpful to look objectively at how people are REALLY buying insurance in order to determine the BEST way to market to them.  So how do millennials (in this case 26-28…

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How To Increase Agency Retention Using ONLY Email


We all know that in order to keep retention high, it’s important to reach out to clients on a regular basis.  And one of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to do this is through EMAIL! So how do you do this?  First, you’re going to need to start gathering email addresses for clients and…

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Insurance Marketing System Members: New Website!

I’m so excited to finally and officially make a BIG change to the Insurance Marketing System!  We have moved to a bigger, more comprehensive membership website over the past few weeks.  Easier file downloads, faster and easier access, and more ways for you to manage your membership. If you are currently a member, you should have received…

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Highs and Lows of Insurance Expenditures Infographic

Agents:  Check out the infographic below for some great insurance stats and savings tips you can share with your clients. The Highs and Lows of Car Insurance Picking out car insurance can get pretty tricky. There are tons of different companies out there, and some of the rates can start to get pretty high pretty…

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Want Quotes? Stop Thinking Like An Insurance Agent!

Stop Thinking

You want more clients, which means you need more QUOTES! So you decide to start doing online marketing.  And you post on your agency Facebook page, send out email newsletters, and create a new website. But you’re not seeing anything happen.  It just seems like a big waste of time. While there are lots of…

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Should Your Staff Be Admins On Your Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook page for your agency, you may have run into this issue.  You want to have help managing the page…posting content, responding to client’s comments, etc.  But you worry about an employee leaving the agency and causing you to lose access to the page (or worse!) I’ve looked at pages before who…

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3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Marketing Compliant

This Could Get You Loads Of New-2

What’s stopping you from marketing your business or agency online? Well for many, it’s a deep worry about compliance. If you’re in the insurance world (or even real estate, finance, lending, law etc), then compliance is a real concern.  You are held to a lot of regulations and using the wrong words can have MAJOR…

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Warning: This Could Get You Loads Of New Prospects

This Could Get You Loads Of New

One of the most common questions I get from agents about Facebook is “how do I get people to “like” my agency page?” You know that you need to connect with people in order to generate leads, but the question is where to begin? Here are a few easy tasks to get you started… Use…

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The Marketing Lists You Need In An Insurance Agency

Insurance Agencies

You’ve heard marketers talk about “your list”, but are you still a little unclear on what that really means? Today I’ll break down what the key “lists” are in an insurance agency.  And what makes this even better?  You probably already have them and just need to put them to use! List Basics A list is…

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4 Things To Do TODAY To Improve Your Agency Facebook Page

4 Things To Do Today

You might already have a Facebook page for your agency, but when was the last time you update the info on it?  Today I’m sharing just a few things you can do to improve your branding and get more “likes.”  (Plus a bonus at the end!) 1.  Put A Face With A Name Your profile…

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