Ready for Life Insurance Awareness Month?

life awareness month

September is almost here and that means that it’s time to think about selling LIFE INSURANCE!  And there are several reasons why… #1 – September is the official Life Insurance Awareness Month.  Which means there are ads, TV commercials, and media talking about life insurance – which makes it easy to bring it up with…

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“How To Close More Quotes” Webinar

quote webinar2

Tomorrow morning, Tuesday August 18th,  10:30 CT (11:30 ET, 8:30 PT), I’ll be hosting a FREE webinar all about closing more of your quotes! Did you know that on average only 27% of quotes are ever contacted?   And that most sales reps give up after only 1.3 contact attempts?   These stats are costing…

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What You Can Learn From This State Farm Sales Letter

State Farm letter

Yesterday when I opened my mail, I found a sales letter from a local State Farm agent.  I’m sure you’ve seen a few of these too. It’s always great to look at what others are doing and see how you can use it to improve your own insurance marketing.  So what can we take from…

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Little Known Ways To Get Insurance Quotes

Little Known Ways To Get Quotes

Several years ago I started teaching insurance agents how to use basic marketing campaigns to increase their quote volume each and every month. This is the stuff that will work time and time again, no matter how big (or small) your agency, if you’re captive or independent, or how competitive your rates are.  In this…

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5 Action Steps For Hitting Your Insurance Sales Goals

Hit Your Insurance Sales Goals

Ever had a BIG sales goal in mind, but not clue where to begin in hitting it?  Or maybe you just need to hit a certain number by the end of the month and you’re spinning on circles on where to begin. I taught a webinar on this very topic yesterday (and you can watch…

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May Insurance Marketing Plan

May Insurance Marketing

May has arrived and it’s time to talk about YOUR marketing plan. So here’s where to start. May Insurance Marketing Plan Annual Reviews – Annual reviews are the perfect opportunity to meet with clients (in person or by phone) to review coverage, up-sell, and get referrals.  Don’t miss out on the opportunities!  (I recommend doing them…

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The Quick Trick To Doubling Your Close Rates

Insurance Close Rates

Today we’re talking about how you can double your insurance close ratios by making a few small tweaks to your follow up process.  Ready to take action?  I hope so! So recently I ran across an article on Forbes about internet leads  (“Why Companies Waste 71% of Internet Leads“).  You can read the entire article here,…

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April Insurance Agency Marketing Plan

April Insurance Agency Marketing Plan

It’s a new month and the start of the second quarter of the year!  Woo-hoo! So I thought I’d share a list of important marketing tasks you need to implement in your agency this month.  (Especially if you’re feeling like you’ve had a slow start to the year.) So here’s where to start. April Insurance…

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Think Millennials Will Kill The Insurance Industry? Think Again.


My younger sister and her family are in the process of buying a new home.  And that means shopping for insurance of course! I always find it helpful to look objectively at how people are REALLY buying insurance in order to determine the BEST way to market to them.  So how do millennials (in this case 26-28…

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How To Increase Agency Retention Using ONLY Email


We all know that in order to keep retention high, it’s important to reach out to clients on a regular basis.  And one of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to do this is through EMAIL! So how do you do this?  First, you’re going to need to start gathering email addresses for clients and…

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