Slow Money Leaks That Drain Your Agency Profits

slow money leaks that are draining your

A slow leak can cause a lot of problems.  Day after day it drips.  Yet there’s never enough obvious damage to cause concern.  And so the drip continues.  Eventually all those little drips add up to a lot of water, but they’re ignored for bigger, more pressing, problems. And the same thing can happen within…

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Become An Insurance Celebrity (and never compete on price again)

insurance celebrity today

Brainstorm with me for a moment.  Clear your mind and tell me this…who is the FIRST insurance agent in town whose name comes to your mind (other than your own name of course)? If we polled 100 people in your city and asked them to “name a local insurance agent,”  who would they list? Better…

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Why Great Content Marketing Will Get You More Insurance Clients

insurance content marketing

I’m a huge believer in content marketing.  I think it is truly the BEST way to attract high quality clients online. But a lot of insurance agents have no clue what it really is or how it works. So today, I’m going to break it down and give you a quick overview of why content…

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Simple Keys To Selling More Life Insurance

Explode Life Insurance Sales

Do you sell life insurance?  If so, then you’ve probably spent some time trying to figure out how to sell a little MORE of it right? This is especially true for my captive agent buddies.  Many captives have annual requirements for life insurance and financial product sales which can cause a whole lot of stress…

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5 Things Your Clients Want (That They Aren’t Telling You)

5 Things Insurance Clients Want

So much of sales is about psychology.  Putting the right offer in front of the right person at the right time.  But you can make this a little easier on yourself when you really dial into what your client WANTS from you.  Sounds simple doesn’t it? Unfortunately though,  a whole lot of “business as usual”…

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March Insurance Agency Marketing Plan

March Insurance Marketing Plan

Each month, I share a list of things you can do today to start marketing your agency and getting a LOT more quotes. Click the links on each item below for more detailed information. March Marketing Plan: Annual Review Appointments - Keep setting those annual review appointments!  You can go by renewal date or by last…

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6 Photos To Take In Your Insurance Agency This Week

Insurance Instagram

You probably read this title and were a little confused.  What do photos have to do with marketing your insurance agency? Well, they are actually really important…the web is a VISUAL place.  We like to see people.  We are more connected to a business when we know the people who work there. In fact, social…

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4 Insurance Agency Processes That Will Make You More Money

insurance agency processes money

The right processes have the ability to transform your agency.  Especially when you give them a strong foundation and lots of accountability. But do they help you make money?  I believe they do! Those little habits that you and your staff do day in and day out are what create the biggest changes in your…

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5 Reasons Why Your Insurance Agency MUST Market Online (Or Face Problems In The Future)

5 Reasons To Market Online

Many insurance agencies have been around for a long time.  It’s not uncommon to speak to agents who have been in the business for 20+ years. And, like all businesses, things change.  Agencies used to write policies on paper apps and fax them to a corporate office (click the “Like” button at the top if…

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9 Tips To BOOST Insurance Agency Retention With Only A Cell Phone

Boost Insurance Agency Retention

We’re all a little addicted to our smart phones these days.  They aren’t just phones anymore.  We use it to check email, check Facebook, send a text to a friend, view our bank balance, listen to music, enter our calories from lunch…smart phones have fully integrated themselves into our daily lives. You know that a…

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