The Marketing Lists You Need In An Insurance Agency

Insurance Agencies

You’ve heard marketers talk about “your list”, but are you still a little unclear on what that really means? Today I’ll break down what the key “lists” are in an insurance agency.  And what makes this even better?  You probably already have them and just need to put them to use! List Basics A list is…

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4 Things To Do TODAY To Improve Your Agency Facebook Page

4 Things To Do Today

You might already have a Facebook page for your agency, but when was the last time you update the info on it?  Today I’m sharing just a few things you can do to improve your branding and get more “likes.”  (Plus a bonus at the end!) 1.  Put A Face With A Name Your profile…

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FREE WEBINAR: 5 Simple Steps To Generating Insurance Quotes Online


This Thursday, I’m hosting a FREE training webinar on “5 Simple Steps To Generating Insurance Quotes Online.”  I’ll be teaching about tools you can use online (and offline) to grow your quote volume! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! You’ll need to click the link above to register and get the call in details.  (Space is limited…

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Insurance Agency Process: The Weekly Team Meeting

Weekly Team Meeting Agenda

If you’ve set big goals for yourself and your agency this year, then you need to have a process in place to review those goals on a regular basis. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a weekly team meeting. It’s so easy to lose sight of BIG goals when you get…

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End of Summer 30% Off Sale

End Of Summer Sale

Around my house, you can tell that summer is quickly coming to an end.  School is starting and the activities calendar is filling back up! And when we go back to school, it also means we go back to WORK!  (Which I love too!) So why not make the transition easier by getting some great…

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How Automation Grows Your Agency Faster (And Saves Your Sanity)

Skip The Monday Chaos With A Few Simple

Mondays are rough in the insurance business.  (And don’t get me started on 3 day weekends!) I’m pretty sure my clients used to sit around all weekend just dreaming up reasons to call the agency first thing Monday morning.  There were always a lot of fires to put out, messages to return, voicemails, emails, you…

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How To Deal With Negative Online Reviews About Your Agency

How To Deal With Negative Online Reviews (2)

Many insurance agents avoid online marketing because they’re worried about getting negative reviews.   You’ve probably experienced an irate client a few times in your career.  In this industry, it happens!  People are typically dealing with major accidents and losses and aren’t always feeling calm and patient.   And while these situations are few and…

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Mega Insurance Agency Marketing – New Business Process

Ch 15 Excerpt

This week, I’m sharing an excerpt from my book Mega Insurance Agency Marketing.  This chapter is all about creating a process AFTER the sale.  Read on… Chapter 15 –  New Business Process So now you’ve got your quote follow up on autopilot.  It’s time to figure out what to do with the prospects once they…

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Increase Insurance Agency Sales With An Employee Development Plan

Why Your Agency Must Have An Employee

If you have one employee, ten employees, or are just thinking about hiring your first, today’s video blog is for you!  I’ve seen a lot of agents struggle with managing goals and expectations for their staff.  And as we all know, we’re only as good as our team! In this video, I’ll share how a consistent…

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5 Ways To Increase Insurance Sales At New Business

New Biz Checklist Blog

Today we’re talking about your New Business process or system.  Everything that needs to be done when you close a sale for a new client.  I’ll share my tips for creating a flawless checklist and making sure all the necessary follow up gets done.  Watch the video below! Want a copy of the slides?  Get…

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